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The Navala Experience.

Brisbane’s benchmark for everything that is good about Brazilian Barbecue (BBQ) is not just our mission statement, it’s our culture. Since 2014 our Brisbane Restaurant has been serving our famous Churrasco. Offering sensational, mouth watering Chicken, Lamb, Pork, Beef & Seafood 7 days a week.

Navala captures the simple splendour and tradition of ancient cooking methods and delivers them to your table. The authentic Brazilian BBQ at Navala has a flavour and flair to it that will capture the imagination of any food lover.

Every time you visit Navala Brazilian Barbecue we value the opportunity to make you feel welcome and give you a chance to enjoy a memorable dining experience. That means providing you with outstanding quality with everything we do. The food, the service, the entertainment and everything else it takes to make your visit special. Come check out the view at our Brisbane Restaurant on Eagle Street Pier. From there you can see the Story Bridge light up at night and the city cats as they glide down the Brisbane river.

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    What does
    10 hour slow
    roasted meat
    taste like?Delicioso!

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    Ancient techniques

    When cattle ranching was introduced to Brazil over 400 years ago, the Gauchos (cowboys) who herded the cattle created a BBQ cooking style that would go on to become famous worldwide.

    After a hard days work the gauchos would dig pits in the ground and slow roast fresh cuts of meat over the glowing embers of wooden charcoal. The slow cooked meat would harness a smoky flavour and develop a juicy tenderness that satisfied the biggest appetite.

    The cooking style produced such delicious results that from the mid 1900’s restaurants throughout Brazil began offering the BBQ style to patrons. However, something so good could not be contained just to Brazil. Decades on and Brazilian BBQ is a popular cuisine worldwide.